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UP RIP Mike!

I was just informed that Mike "Terror" passed away on September 1st. He was running "Terrorrecords" who relased our 2nd 7"
I knew Mike for some years via the Usenet and he desparetely wanted to do a record with us so we agreed to do the "feeding 7" with him.
I knever knew about his health issues until we played a gig in hannover in 2004 were we met him the first time.
He was chained to a wheelchair since birth. Doctors told his parents he would never make it over 8. Well he hit 30 and more.
When we played Hannover he could only move his hand and his head - which did not stop him from joining the pit with his electric wheelchair slamming into people and make his "Zivi" feed him beer thru' a straw.
Mike, you had got more Punk in the wheels of your chair than a lot of folx we met through the years.
Mike passed away from a heartattack related to his disease.
RIP Mike!

posted 22.09.08 14:45:37 by: Ralf MDX last update: 19.11.08 11:59:46

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